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Three books on collective intelligence that marked us (and why read them this summer)

The departure is approaching, and it is always the same anxiety: what to read, even as the stack of books barely open this year threatens to collapse? Instead of giving a good conscience by embarking with himself the "Five Bibles Management" or "Ten bedside books Elon Musk", we wanted to share here three titles that speak of collective intelligence otherwise.

1. I know you know he knows

How to bring down a dictator when one is alone, tiny and unarmed? Srdja Popovic

That's the $ 10 million question asked by Serbian Srdja Popovic - leader of the Otpor movement! who managed to bring down Slobodan Milosevic's regime. The answer is simple: see humor as a weapon of mass mobilization.

Everyone agrees to "build the future," "dream tomorrow," and so on. But after ? Once past the desire to take for a hero of modern times, there is not much left. The spark of a collective mobilization often starts from a detail of everyday life. Through several concrete cases, Popovic demonstrates the power of "I, you, he, we, think the same thing" in the emergence of a shared vision. 

2. What lies behind the desire of the collective

A mime named desire , Jean-Michel Oughourlian

An excellent introduction to the thought of René Girard - a fantastic man who has, in our opinion, revolutionized the way of thinking about the dynamics of the collective - this unjustly misunderstood book helps us to realize how collective intelligence was based on a principle of "universal mimesis", by demonstrating that "  man always desires according to the desire of the other. ".

A major light on this incredible phenomenon of communion around the same beliefs and rules of life (which we find the example in major religious, sports or social masses) that allow us to better control the links that govern and regulate our relationship.

3. When the meaning outweighs the money

Swarmwise , Rick Falkvinge

" Your most valuable asset is not your employees. Your most valuable asset is the thousands of people who want to work for you, and you do not let them. "

All is said. To be a leader is to want to create commitment. In this book signed by one of the most influential thinkers in recent years on collective mobilization, Rick Falkvinge empirically demonstrates that a good cause can engage a legion of volunteers, within and outside an organization, through to the technique of "swarm intelligence". A snub to those who still think that everything is settled by check.

The entire pdf book to read here .

Good holidays !


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