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Do not go like this!

Talent retention, a listening question

The talent crisis is everywhere: the specter of the 100% freelance would be waiting at the edge of the wood, waiting patiently for his time. According to a 2016 study by Deloitte, 44% of Millennials say they want to leave their current business in the next two years. Why ? Because they feel neglected. How many are today? Faced with the inevitable, solutions flourish.

What if we started to stop believing in miracle methods?

In France, only 10% of employees say they are actively engaged (Gallup Survey) . An extremely low figure, in line with other European countries, but far below the US figures, which are around 30%: the retention of talent will be one of the largest HR projects of the coming years.

Let's do a simple Google search on "Talent Retention". Result: we speak of "miracle recipe"; we promise "7 secrets"; we sell "the XXXX method"; it is advisable to "promote your employer brand on social networks". Well, let's see. By leaning on the white papers published on the subject, one sees how much the secret sauce relies on the idea of ​​the gift: to give the quality of life to the work, the bonus, the CE, the ego, power, etc.

It's all the same striking. It seems to be forgotten that the retention of talents is above all that of the men and women to whom these talents belong! If one transposed this idea of ​​retention to his life as a couple, the side "recipe miracle" or "7 secrets" would clearly have a taste of African Marabou . But in the company, no problem! We believe hard in the existence of a magic formula capable of holding humans.

"In the company, we talk, but we do not talk to each other"

As a child, I remember crumbling under an avalanche of gifts: gifts, ideal living environment, parental esteem ... And yet, I missed one thing: listening. At 8 years old I was a future pro BMX, and would have liked to talk to my parents. That we speak, and not only that I speak: there was not really listening.

If, within the framework of the company, one hastens to click on a recipe miracle that one would look with disdain in a personal frame, it is that one accepts this fundamental notion: in the company, one speak, but we do not speak . Retaining talent is not just about giving, it's also about listening. Attention.

So that, will you tell me, it's done! Big annual questionnaire, barometer ... We measure, we make pie charts Excel: so take care of us! Not to mention the internal social network, which allows everyone to express themselves, to make bubbles of comics that overlap each other, to speak, certainly ... but not to gather an active listening or any assent.

Stop making marabouts, light candles, believe miracle recipes. To retain talent is above all to retain women and men!


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