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A toguna (or palaver hut) is a public building erected by the Dogon people in the West African country of Mali. Togunas are usually located in the center of the village.

Togunas are built with a very low roof, with the expressive purpose of forcing visitors to sit rather than stand. They are used by the village elders to discuss issues of the community, but can also serve as a place for customary law.

In practice, the toguna is used as a general gathering spot in the center of the village, offering shade and relief from the midday heat, where the village elders spend the hottest hours of the day talking with each other.
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In a fast changing globalized world, being able to reinvente oneself, innovate and adapt is a key condition to thrive in the business.
We believe at Toguna that integrating all coworkers in this process allows businesses to innovate in an efficient and sustainable way.
On a more global basis, we may be fast approaching a new singularity, where old concepts will be irrelevant (life, death, individualism) as regards to the progress mankind is making in many fields.
Many complex and difficult decisions will have to be made, and we believe we now need to enter a new era where collective power and decision making will be facilitated.
We need to train and learn to make collective decisions.